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I think when this month ends it may be time to start a new page#

Wed, 27 Mar 2002 18:23:20 +0000

I think when this month ends it may be time to start a new page and confuse google again.

SBCL MP proceeds. No more random memory corruption (it wasn't all that random anyway, to be honest, it just looked random), thread switch primitives adapted from the previous foray (in other words, they ought to work but bitrot may have done nasty things), a trivially simple scheduler which amounts to "run the next process which was blocked on a read() or write() call" (we actually use non-blocking IO and a poll() loop, so would have blocked is more accurate) "or if none, the next process in the ready-process list", and the necessary hackery in fd-streams to make processes go to sleep when they block instead of hooking up to the serve-event mechanism to do output later. It's going to be easier to rip out serve-event and reimplement it using threads than it is to make threads coexist nicely with the present serve-event.

Testing it is yet to happen. Um, yeah... When it again reaches the point of completely compiling, I can carry on hacking it using chill and redefining things in the running lisp.