diary at Telent Netowrks

lemonodor has been#

Wed, 20 Mar 2002 06:30:46 +0000

lemonodor has been having trouble with multiprocessing in CMUCL, and comes to the conclusion that it is `just barely "production quality"'. For the record, the site that served you this page is running on the pretty similar SBCL (you wouldn't guess) using Araneida, and doesn't even use MP, instead hooking into the same event loop as SBCL uses for IO at the top-level. It does have Apache in front of the CL web server to act as a proxy, which tends to avoid most of the "slow/malicious client" problems.

Of course a lot of it comes down to traffic volume. telent.net only gets 1000 hits a day or so, evenly spread through 24 hours, though the other site I'm using Araneida for gets maybe 2-3 times that, concentrated around GMT lunchtimes and evenings. That site is limited by database access speed (and some really quite suboptimal queries in places don't help). ApacheBench has made it do 40-50 requests/second without hurting, but that's not exactly a real-world load.

SBCL MP will of course solve all the problems of the world if only I can get as far as implementing it ...