diary at Telent Netowrks

Not really getting on too well with this "Finish things"#

Mon, 25 Feb 2002 13:17:09 +0000

Not really getting on too well with this "Finish things" resolution, as asdf is now lingering around while I occupy my time with something else. My excuse for this is that asdf tickles a bug in clisp so we can reasonably wait for that to get fixed first. Actually, my real excuse is that GnuCash is now really annoying me and I need to replace it with something I understand, that doesn't keep adjusting the values in my split transactions, and that has more support for VAT. The thought of tying my invoicing and accounting together with something stronger than shell scripts is also kind of appealing.

I'm also looking into WAP. 4 lines of text is an information-poor channel; when considering that in any situation where one might visit a WAP site one could instead, say, make a voice call and have a much better user experience, it's going to be hard to make a sufficiently compelling application. Anyone have any worthwhile WAP sites they can recommend to me? The nearest thing I've found is the Railtrack site, which on a good day is marginally faster than phoning the enquiries line might have been.

Or was, anyway. Since my phone came back from the repair shop with all its bookmarks erased, I can't find the URL for the Railtrack site any more - it seems to be registration-only now. Bad Kizoom

Everyone else has already linked to this, but never mind. JavaLobby has an article on .NET which echoes fairly well my own position. They have included rather more pro-java partisan arguing than I would have liked, but to their credit they do seem to have coined the term ``skinnable language''