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Last Monday (i.e two days following the previous entry here) I had#

Wed, 20 Feb 2002 11:21:25 +0000

Last Monday (i.e two days following the previous entry here) I had a sufficiently unpleasant experience trying to port a package with a homebrew system definition utility that I vowed to finish asdf - or at least, to get it to the point where it actually does anything useful. A week and a bit later, and here we almost are. It has a (minimal) test suite and everything. Look also at my proposed ASDF System standard, which I'm trying to get the cCLan guys to adopt for the next version of cCLan. It uses tar files It's really good!

The only real system it's been tried with is db-sockets, which is probably not the simplest system ever to have started with (foreign objects and some weird pre-processing needed). But it appears that pretty much everything I've written in CL that actually works requires db-sockets, so there wasn't a lot of option.

What else? Not a lot. Christophe got SPARC SBCL working and Bill Newman got it merged, so I'm lagging there as PPC is still 0.6.13-based and still has whatever that odd build problem was. Also haven't sent patches for the Alpha fp fixes yet. If anyone other than me is actually using SBCL on an Alpha, this would be a good time for him/her to apply peer pressure.

Oh, and Araneida in fact didn't have a file descriptor leak. The leak in that application turned out to be in the cheesy SMTP client code it also uses. Yay. Don't need to restart that every three weeks any more, then.