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Fwiw, Mr Shaver (if#

Thu, 07 Nov 2002 01:15:32 +0000

Fwiw, Mr Shaver (if you do in fact read this diary as well as linking to it), I have it on reasonably good authority (one of my friends works there) that the OED typically requires five independent citations for a new word before they will consider it for inclusion. So, you can submit as many words as you like over the net, but they still exercise a more marked degree of editorial control over the result than, say, the Jargon File

For which relief, much thanks. And on a related note (related to the OED, not to the Jargon File, exactly how cruel do you think I am?), science fiction readers should look at http://www.jessesword.com/SF/sf_citations.shtml and see whether they can supply any of the missing bits. No, writing and submitting your own web page does not count.

I had opportunity this evening to attempt to corrupt the minds of youth by presenting Lisp to the OU Computer Society. Score: 0 people walked out, 2 people closed eyes and gave every impression of having driften off to sleep, at least 2 people asked intelligent questions at the end (and a few others during the talk itself). Magicpoint users (come on, it's only an apt-get, the first one's free) can experience the full beauty of my presentation by downloading the slides' source from https://ww.telent.net/compsoc-slides.mgp - the rest of you can just read the source and imagine how the slides must have looked. Which is to say, basically the same as the ASCII, but in white Helvetica on a blue background, with a yellow stripey thing in the corner. Just like the ILC slides, yes.