It's looking a little less frenetic around here now, then

Wed, 16 Jul 2003 15:58:22 +0000

It’s looking a little less frenetic around here now, then.

On Moday I spent some time playing with Sawfish. The task was to have it listen to my modem (which lives on my voice line and is only ever used for faxes or dire emergencies) and popup a window with caller ID details whenever the phone rings; unfortunately it turns out that my modem doesn’t do caller id anyway, and even supposing it did it’s uncertain that my phone company (NTL, Oxford franchise) can turn it on.

I’ve been using Sawfish as a window manager for three years or something and still haven’t actually tried its Lisp dialect. Initial impressions: nice general design, but handicapped by being based on a lousy Lisp. Painful development process: dying on SIGSEGV is not convenient when the window manager was the last command run from .xinitrc