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While I was dreaming (about jumping the ticket barrier at Black Horse#

Tue, 12 Nov 2002 14:15:08 +0000

While I was dreaming (about jumping the ticket barrier at Black Horse Rd tube station) this morning, I realised that I had a plane to catch today and had no idea what time it was and whether I'd be late. So, I pinched myself, and woke up. In someone else's bed. The bed was fixed to a tall wall, about twenty feet up, and obviously wasn't mine because (a) mine isn't, and (b) the owner had left a digital watch in it - I don't own a digital watch. So, I pinched myself and woke up. This time I woke up in a bed in a large open space with a sky the colour of the sky in whichever Pink Floyd album cover involves a desert full of beds, situated next to a glass computer laboratory partially submerged in a water feature comprising a pool with a fountain and a wide stream running down from it. A brief moment more concentration, and I was in a normal bed in a fairly normal looking place, which only really gave itself away as not my own bedroom when I remembered that I'd left California over a week ago and didn't need to catch a plane after all.

So when I woke up for real this morning (in my own bed, yay) my first thought was "where am I?" and my second was "that was a lot of stack unwinding"

I mention this only because the diary entry I had previously been planning to write started out something like "When I was five years old, I had a vivid imagination that seems to have dissipated somewhat in the two and a half decades since". Suddenly this seems to be not so unarguably true.